SDG Youth Summit

Our Story

Bangladesh is now in the journey of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The 2030 Agenda identifies youth as one of the vulnerable groups which at the same time have the potential to arise as the driving force of any development approach. The SDGs recognize the need of providing a nurturing environment to the youth generation through ensuring quality education and decent jobs.So that they can apprehend the full realization of their rights and capabilities. Achieving this global agenda will require the knowledge, innovation and enthusiasm of the dynamic youth force. It is necessary to have strong and effective partnerships between young people and all implementing stakeholders. More than ten goals of the SDGs are directly related to the youth. The World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY) by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) identified 86 indicators, among the 232 of the SDGs, which are relevant and provide information on the development of the youth. So this year A wing of 9 organizations is going to organize SDG Youth Summit 2022 and Organizing partner is YPSA-Young Power in Social Action, The Earth Society, Global Law Thinkers Society, Maslow Bangladesh, We Can Cox’s Bazar, Inspiration for Human Welfare Parents Ageing foundation, Bekarotto Hotaw, Youth Development Centre They are acknowledging the fact that the youth group are the major beneficiaries and stakeholders of 2030 Agenda, as well as the other development aspirations. The youth of Bangladesh have become increasingly visible and effectively active in influencing national policy with new ideas, philosophy and technological expertise. They have set their marks in international arena as well. Proactively they are engaging themselves in shaping the development of Bangladesh using new tools of communications.

Summit Goal

Intends to find out the youth recommendations to identify and bridge the gaps in discussion and action along with engaging young innovators, activists and enthusiast to proceed with their efforts in order to achieve the SDGs.


  1. The SDG Youth Summit will be organized with four major objectives. Followings are the expected objectives:
  2. To Improve awareness and knowledge among rural, urban and international youth, about the SDGs and their roles in the implementation process;
  3. To a better understanding on Quality Education and Decent Work and Technology, Gender Equality, Climate Action and Peace Building and motivate to create a platform for the youth of Bangladesh to showcase and explore their aspirations as regards national development;
  4. To explore the youth agenda in the context and policy discussions at national and local levels.
  5. To promote youth innovation on agriculture, employment, renewable energy, startup support for and private sector collaboration.


  1. Creating a platform for cooperation, coordination and exchange of thoughts between various Bangladeshi and South Asian youth and understudy gatherings, to increment collaborative effect.
  2. Empowering youth to adjust their current targets and missions with the SDGs structure. Specifically, to involve the Goals as a name for their exercises, to smooth out needs and goals across Bangladeshi and South Asian culture.
  3. Coming up with the Cox’s Bazar Declaration as the key recommendations from youth in the process of achieving SDGs.
  4. Participations additionally distinguished significant apparatuses and guides, which could be utilized for better understanding and use of the SDGs.