SDG Youth Summit

Maslow Bangladesh Ltd

Training, advisory services, and consultation are all offered by Maslow Bangladesh Ltd., in addition to the facilitation of business incubation programs. Besides working on career-oriented skill development, the mission of Maslow Bangladesh Ltd. is to foster the growth of individuals’ existing skills. Development of 21st Century Skills, Mind skills, and Soft Skills has been and will continue to be Maslow Bangladesh Ltd.’s primary focus. In addition to this, Maslow Bangladesh Ltd. is operating as an NSDA-accredited skill development organization in order to be of assistance to the Bangladeshi government in its pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal 2041 well-known as SDG 2014. The SDG Youth Summit 2022 will take place in Cox’s Bazar, and (Please add Maslow Bangladesh Ltd. is one of the organizations that is helping to organize it.