SDG Youth Summit


In an effort to harmonize the talents of the youth with the process of achieving the Global Development Agenda 2030.The main objectives of the Summit are:


  1. A) To improve awareness and knowledge among rural, urban and international youth, about the SDGs and their roles in the implementation process;


  1. B) To a better understanding on Quality Education and Decent Work and Technology, Gender Equality, Climate Action and Peace Building and motivate to create a platform for the youth of Bangladesh to showcase and explore their aspirations as regards national development;


  1. C) To explore the youth agenda in the context and policy discussions at national and local levels.


  1. D) To promote youth innovation on agriculture, employment, renewable energy, startup support for and private sector collaboration.

The 2 day-long conference will be attended by youth representatives from all walks of life and partners of the platform, government and non-government organizations and development partners and others partners.

 In addition to the main session, the conference will have 4 parallel sessions on different topics for detailed discussion. These are:

  1. Decent work for economic growth: Employment, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Private Sector Engagement and startup support


  1. Quality Education: Current status of Bangladesh on education, overall educational structure, It’s situation, Challenges of pre and post COVID-19, overcome policies, Importance of Technical education, and recommendations from Panelist


  1. Climate Action: The current situation of Bangladesh of Climate change, It’s Impact, Risk, Output of COP26, Implementing progress of National Adaptation plan, Progress of UNFCC, Climate Justice, Challenges of Bangladesh, new ideas on renewable energy as climate action


  1. Peace and Gender: The Situations in Bangladesh, case study, it’s challenges, overcome policies and the recommendation on how to improve the situation by social behavioral approaches.


Aims and objectives of thematic parallel sessions:

In the context of the above-mentioned issues, the main objective of the parallel sessions is to identify the situation, opportunities, problems and challenges of the youth society in Bangladesh. Each of these issues is directly related to the diverse objectives of the SDGs. In that case, the role and expectations of the youth in the implementation of SDGs will be discussed in all the sessions.

Principles for conducting thematic parallel sessions

  1. Parallel sessions will be organized in partnership with partner organizations. invited partners/Development agencies or organizing partner will present the key note presentation
  2. The following formats and structures can be followed to facilitate all parallel sessions to be conducted in the same manner-

2.1 Thematic presentation

In each parallel session, a key note paper will be present. In each thematic presentation, the keynote address should be prepared focusing on the involvement of the youth in the relevant context in the context of Bangladesh, identifying the challenges of implementing the relevant SDGs and the role / actions of the youth in addressing them. The time allotted for the keynote address is 10 minutes. Preference will be given to youth representatives.

2.2 Chair

Each session will be chaired by an expert. He will inaugurate the session and provide expert opinion on the issues presented in the session. The Secretariat will assist in confirming the President.

2.3 Vice Chair

In each session a youth representative will act as the vice chair. He will give an observational opinion on the speeches presented in the session and will prepare a summary of the session. He will present this summary in the concluding session. The Secretariat will assist in confirming the Vice President.

2.4 Session Coordinator

There will be one or more ‘Session Coordinators’ for each session. He / she will be responsible for coordinating the open discussion segment as well as the entire session.

2 . Session Reporter

A reporter / rapporteur should be present at the meeting place to prepare the report of the session on behalf of each of the thematic presentation organizations. He will prepare a session report and submit it to the Conference Secretariat.

  1. Each session will be conducted for two hours. In this case, the time allocation can be –

Session Introduction: 10 minutes;

Keynote Paper Presentation: 20 minutes;

Remarks from Chair: 10 minutes;

Open discussion: 60 minutes;

Summary and conclusion by Vice Chair: 20 minutes.

3. All thematic parallel sessions will be conducted in Bangla. Thematic presentations are being encouraged to be prepared in Bangla for the convenience of discussion.