SDG Youth Summit

The Earth

The Earth is a youth-led social welfare organization established in 2013. One of its goals is to enhance and ensure the sustainable development of Bangladesh as it aims to provide knowledge, resources, and care to support each community to reach its maximum potential and achieve greater harmony between people and the planet. Our work focuses are Youth capacity building, youth movement, youth network engagement, and management. We are experiencing rising youth population. Our young generation has increasingly strong motives to work on social and environmental awareness. Their energy and knowledge will lead our communities towards a climate resilient future. Youths are actively engaged at local, national and global levels in raising awareness program i.e., educational programs, conserving our nature, promoting renewable energy, adopting environment friendly practices and implementing adaptation and mitigation works. Not only youth The Earth Society also worked for the policy advocacy in different level. We do research-based work to find out what is the current scenario of youth involvement, and the climate change issues in Bangladesh. We initially working on youth engagement and climate change, in the end The Earth willing to work in other areas like education, emergency response, gender discrimination, women empowerment, and safety issues in the community etc. We stand proudly united. Together, we are part of something larger and extraordinary